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COVID-19 Office Safety Measures

In response to the current COVID-19 circumstances, TSO Humble is instituting the following safety measures to protect the health and safety of our patients and staff.

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General Safety Measures:

  1. Hand washing with soap for 20 sec is compulsory for staff and patients when entering the office. Gloves, masks, and face shields are compulsory for staff.
  2. Social distancing is enforced and limited patients are admitted.
  3. Patients will be reminded to wear masks before they will be seen.
  4. Temperature screening and history for patients.
  5. Reopening of the office will be slow and safe.
  6. Sick staff and patients will be screened to stay home.
  7. Frames will be disinfected with 70% alcohol as recommended by frame manufacturer.


  1. Limiting patient traffic to enhance physical distancing.The door will be locked and patient has to call to open the door. Patients will have to sit 6 ft away from another person.
  2. The staff will be screened for fever, coughing, muscle aches, GI and general health as well as family members illnesses. We will ask for recent travel history for patient and family members. All patients need to have masks, scarf or any face coverings.
  3. Issuance of protective masks and gloves for team members as well as doctors.
  4. One person will be assigned to screen patients before they are allowed in the office.
  5. We are requesting that patients with symptoms of illness, and those at higher likelihood of exposure to corona virus, postpone their visit.
  6. Limit any patient companion to a parent, guardian or caretaker.
  7. Screening forehead temperatures using non-contact thermometers and sending home patients with fevers.
  8. Online patient registration at home to eliminate clipboard and pen contact (or giving disposable pens or pencils to patients). If a patient does not have computer, we will provide a form to fill out inside the car.
  9. Ask patients to wait in their car and text them when ready.
  10. Increased disinfection of surfaces. 3 times a day. Doctor’s equipment is to be disinfected after each use.
  11. Give up handshaking in favor of a gestured greeting.
  12. Installation of breath guards for slit lamps.
  13. Increased use of contact-less payment.
  14. Increase use of direct-to-patient delivery of product.
  15. Holding shipments for a period (e.g. 48 hours) before handling them.
  16. No public restroom. Patients are reminded to use the bathroom at home before appointments.
  17. Dispensing of eyewear will be done at the curb side.
  18. Patients cannot touch the frames and we will show them 3 frames at a time to minimize spreading of virus.
  19. The pandemic condition can improve and we will modify the office safety measures accordingly.

We thank you for working together with us to ensure TSO Humble is a safe environment for eye care and help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Please feel free to call ahead with any questions.

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